Waste /Recycler Exchange

UK recycles 50% of its waste whereas Germany has achieved 60% target. In Pakistan, experts set 20% recycling target. To achieve this target and to promote waste minimization, recycling and optimization in Pakistan, DrTech has developed and powered an online platform as Kabbaria.com. The live portal is a hub of different scrap dealers who run an informal network of scavengers earning their living through collection and segregation of waste.

The purpose of the platform is to provide hassle free and ethical disposal of waste materials produced in households, industry, agriculture and other sectors that eventually end up in landfills. The platform is an online market of thousands of buyers and sellers of different kinds of waste materials such as Metals, Scrap Electronic Devices, Compost & Food Waste, Glass & Fiberglass, Liquid Oil & Chemicals, Minerals, Plastic and Textiles & Leather etc.

The platform is being used to upgrade the whole waste collection market by upgrading the traditional scrap dealers to Green Shops and bringing the informal workforce of scavengers into formal economy. The users can advertise and respond to advertisements through the Kabbaria network.

Kabbaria.com provides an inventory of recyclable material through a search engine that automatically searches the required items for the registered buyers. It also provides the option of home delivery of purchased items through a network of service providers at a nominal cost.

Use Cases


Recyclables such as paper, glass, metals, steel, construction material and plastics are segregated for recycling as a useful raw material different manufacturing industries. Materials such as aluminum is 100% recyclable in many cases such as food & beverage industry. Kabbaria.com is the digital platform which connects and formalizes the transactions between the industries and the informal scrap dealers selling the recyclables and facilitate these industries to reduce the cost of their raw material by purchasing the recycled products and the amount of waste going to landfills.

Agriculture & Livestock

Organic waste, food items, green grass and leaves are used as inputs to agriculture and livestock sector as compost and animal feed. Up to half your kitchen and garden waste can be reused as compost which returns nutrients to the soil that help plants grow and keeps the soil fertility at optimum level. Kabbaria.com provides an exchange platform that enables the household and community level collection of such materials to be provided to their users in agriculture and livestock sector.

Energy Production and Conservation

Commercial scale electricity can be generated by installing waste to energy plants at landfill sites. Waste food and other forms of organic material can also be used to generate biogas to be used as a cheap form of fuel and can help the poor meet their fuel needs for cooking as it is much cheaper than other fuel options for firewood. The waste wood items can also be used for cooking and heating purposes in hilly regions such as Northern Areas of Pakistan where firewood is a major cause of forest depletion. Refuse derived fuel (RDF) is another option which removes 20% of the unrecyclable material into fuel to be used in furnaces and kilns. Moreover, recycling also help conserve energy, which is a major resource input required for the extracting and processing raw resources to make usable materials. Recycling often saves energy because the recycled products usually require much less processing. Kabbaria.com is a circular economy solution to conserve precious natural resources and provide competitive edge to the businesses.


Households produce a lot of waste ranging from kitchen waste to clothes, packaging material, plastic bottles, wood and furniture items etc. The production of these materials consume a lot of energy, water and other natural resources. The recycling of these material reduces the extraction of these resources for new production. Moreover, many of these items such as clothes can be reused by the other households who cannot afford to purchase new items. Kabbaria.com makes such communal exchanges possible through online platform and promotes resource management as an economic activity in itself.