Sustainability Performance Management

In today’s world, sustainability does not mean economics only. Keeping in view of growing concerns of environmental and social impacts of corporate organizations and industry, sustainability now stands on three pillars of economics, environment and society.

Advisory Services

Organizations voluntarily and legally collect and analyze data on key performance indicators in the three areas and present it for stakeholders’ consumption. For instance, corporate organizations such as industry and commercial banks have to collect data on GHG emissions from use of vehicles, gas and electricity etc., waste production such as plastics, paper, aluminum etc. and resource consumptions such as water, energy, paper and other natural resources etc. DrTech uses this data to devise sustainability strategy of the organization.

GHG Calculator

DrTech solution has a GHG calculator on pre-defined KPIs which can be customized upon request. The calculator is a low threshold solution for managing and reporting your GHG impact. The organization can define its characteristics and situation and track and analyze its Carbon related KPIs with this integrated solution and meet its internal and external reporting requirements. Our solution enables you to manage your energy and resource expenditures and generate quality assured reports.

Data Analytics and Dashboards

DrTech develops dashboards using data analytics for informed decision making by top management of the client organizations. The analysis of data can give valuable information on an organization’s environmental footprint. This enables the management to make key decisions on economic and environmental sustainability of the organization and take steps for reduction in resource use and GHG emissions.

Sustainability Reporting

Collecting and processing data for Sustainability Reporting is complex and requires latest technological solution and integrated system support to maintain and enhance quality of data and reporting. DrTech facilitates organizations with the definition, collection and reporting of sustainability data.Our technology solution comes with an intuitive user experience which is adaptable to any organization’s characteristics and situation. We use the collected data to generate a sustainability report on GRI, SDGs or any internal version. This is done by assigning the pre-defined KPIs of the organization to the relevant sustainability report KPIs and KPI Groups relevant to the organization.The sustainability performance reports can be used for preparing and mitigating business risks and brings with brand value and a license to operate in local conditions.


We offer free subscription initially to allow you get the full view to the capabilities and features of our technology solutions as per your requirements. Once your organization decides to get our sustainability products and services, you get the dedicated cloud subscription. The pre-built components of our solution and selected KPIs from Sustainability Reporting Framework are instantly enabled.

Use Cases

Industry and Corporate Sector

Corporate Sector and industrial sector is under increasing pressure to go carbon neutral. Some industries face additional pressure from the local communities such as extractive industries (mining and bottled water industry etc.) to run programs for the community to mitigate their environmental and social impacts on the local communities. The negative marketing and reputation may lead to business closure and pose grave risks to its sustainability. DrTech’s technology solutions help you manage your organization’s carbon footprint. We also provide integrated solutions for monitoring environmental actions of the organizations such as tree plantation and waste reduction.

Agriculture and Livestock

Agriculture and livestock sector contributes about 41% to Pakistan’s carbon emissions and creates heavy stress on the environment and natural resources. The environmental footprint of agriculture sector is increasing with the increased population. Cities like Lahore are facing smog issues in recent times due to unsustainable agriculture practices mixed with urban air pollution. The sector can reduce and mitigate their environmental footprint through the use of efficient production methods, taking mitigation steps and using technology to calculate, monitor and track the emissions from unsustainable agricultural practices.

Green Banks

Commercial banks are legally required to develop a culture of sustainability in their corporate offices, determine their sustainability KPIs for data collection, develop green banking financial tools and report them on standard formats periodically to all stakeholders including the regulators. This is usually a gigantic task and commercial banks may not have in-house capacity to develop a sustainability culture and zero waste corporate environment, monitor their carbon footprint and report their CR activities on regular basis. DrTech provides advisory services and technology solutions to implement and manage green banking best practices in corporate offices of commercial banks.

Green Schools

Sustainability organizations depend on sustainable lifestyles and behaviors of communities and societies. The young boys and girls can be trained and educated as change makers and catalysts for behavioral change and environmental outlook of the society. DrTech provides training and advisory services and uses technology to promote the concept of Green Schools. Schools are operated by the government but private sector runs many school chains in Pakistan with sizeable student enrolment. The school premises produce huge quantities of waste, which if collected and disposed as per 2-Bin system requirements, can be the starting point of environmental action by the communities.