Remote Workforce Management

In countries like Pakistan, employees’ absenteeism is a major issue especially in government services of education and health. Many multinational companies such as food chains also maintain large workforce. The frequency of evasion of duties is high due to cultural and personal reasons and lack of proper monitoring systems, resulting in loss of money, resources and services. The management of large workforce require maintenance of huge volumes of records and large human resource departments. This results in heavy overhead costs for the companies and government departments, putting a question mark on their sustainability. With technology comes efficiency and saving of precious resources. So comes DrTech that has developed Remote Workforce Management solutions to monitor, coordinate and manage large teams, working at different locations on real time basis.

Use Cases


The health department run regular campaigns for immunization and basic health services. As a basic right, the government has to provide health services even to the remotest villages of the country. This creates a big issue of ghost workers and employees who get paid on public expense without exercising their duties in hospitals and immunization campaigns especially. The smart technology helps them identify such employees and avoid loss of public funds and resources.


In view of climate change impacts, the forest departments have come at the center stage as governments start mass tree plantation programs. In recent times, the corporate sector and communities are also joining hands due to increased awareness of environmental issues. The whole exercise involves mobilization of large workforce for plantation, follow-up and maintenance. Our human resource technology solution keeps track of each designated worker or volunteer for plantation and post plantation phases. This helps in monitoring their activity and save costs in terms of physical supervision and reporting.

Waste Collection and Management

Public utilities such as waste collection and sanitary disposal in large cities mobilize a large workforce to deliver their services on daily basis. The workers’ absenteeism and quality of services has traditionally been a big issue in this sector. The human supervision of this workforce incurs heavy overhead costs of operation. Our Workforce Management Solution helps the managers monitor the response and quality of services in real time and take action on community feedback.

Manufacturing Industry & Retail

In industry, a lot of employees work in different shifts and locations. Retail business chains have to manage their workforce and employees across a large geographical spread. Our Workforce Management solution manages key HR functions in real time and help managers receive data, identify trends, do accurate and efficient forecasting and scheduling and visualize them on dashboard . The technology uses cloud, mobile, data science, and social dimensions to develop tools that increase productivity and ensures better customer service, ROI and Payroll processing.