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Digitize your business. Apply new digital technologies to front- middle- and back-office work processes to realize new levels of business performance. When your business is connected with IoT, the opportunities are endless. Bring your business together with IoT, build systems, control processes, analyze data in insightful ways and get this insight work for you. Transform business with IoT, tap new revenue streams, increase process efficiency, build better products and deliver better customer service experience.

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from IoT

Smart Cities

Unleash the true value of data generating connected devices, sensors, and infrastructure. Optimize energy utilization, simplify
maintenance and cut cost while boosting the bottom-line. Safeguard lives and infrastructure
from environmental damage through hyperlocalized monitoring and predictive modeling.
Generate revenue with demand-based parkingwhile reducing the search time for residents. Accurately detect incidents and reduce crime through digital monitoring. View
live street conditions to gain insight on how to improve traffic management. Manage,
collect, and track waste bins to avoid overflow and health hazards.

Health Care

Start the digital transformation of your healthcare organization today. Let patients receive care in the comfort of their
homes. With IOT wearable, doctors can remotely track and respond to patients’ health
status in real time. Help your staff spend less time searching and more time with
patients by better tracking and managingsupplies and medicine through fully integrated cloud platform. Ensure critical medical devices are ready to use when your
patients need them most by fixing problems before they occur with predictive maintenance.
Around the world, experts are securely connecting patients, doctors, and processes
to increase access, quality of care, and efficiency.


The factories of future are here. Connected devices, sensors, and automated technology is revolutionizing manufacturing.
With IOT, get real-time visibility into operations, automate processes while boosting
efficiency, reduce downtime, increase productivity, maintain compliance & employee
safety. In conventional manufacturing,IT and operations used to work in silos. The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is
one of the key factors behind smart manufacturing. IoT represents the merger of these
two disciplines.


Build a 360-degree view of customers and dynamically engage them. Predict and personalize experiences. Empower employees
with digital tools and information. Virtualize service and support. Mitigate theft
andfraud. Secure physical and digital assets. Simplify compliance. Integrate supply chain partners. Boost adoption of new products
and services. Digitize you retail business processes.


Improve communication between vehicles and from vehicles to surrounding infrastructure, such as traffic signals. Several
cities have initiated smart transportation initiatives to enhance their public transportation
routes, produce safe roadways, cut infrastructure costs and even reserve public parking
spaces in the city from their car.

Today IoT is being used to reduce traffic congestions and help save lives by providing safety and dynamic rerouting updates
to travelers. Improve operational efficiency and simplify maintenance.


Get ready for an energy future the world is just starting to imagine. You can get network-wide insight for smarter utility
operations. Make operations safer, more efficient, and more secure. IoT is making
a clear impact in the energy sector. Starting from sensors, to monitor the room temperature,
all the way up to complex applications

that control energy utilization in an entire building, IoT in the energy sector is cutting costs and is helping the energy
companies in making the right decisions to ensure that all assets are replaced, maintained
and perform at their optimal level.


Education landscape is shifting. Students are no longer constricted to old-fashioned learning techniques. The applications
of the IoT in education are numerous, and the effects for these changes are phenomenal.
In the long run, harnessing the data collected through IoT devices can help improve
safety and foster a student first learning

environment. Although IoT devices need high upfront capital investments, the benefits can outweigh the drawbacks in the future.
It not only provides a better learning process for students but also reduces operational
costs. Teachers and researchers are innovating faster than ever. You need a trusted
partner with the right skills to bring your school’s vision to life.

Let the data work
for you.

  • Enhanced & rapid tracking of threats.
  • Monitoring medicine data.
  • Tracking of support Standards.
  • Integration interfaces of production system.
  • Notification, report and dashboard.
  • Extensive trigger and alarm system.

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