Green Log

The Pakistan government’s efforts to increase tree cover and contribute to global efforts to reduce climate impacts under Clean and Green Pakistan are promising to increase the green cover to 25% of land area as per international standards. However, the sustainability of the planted trees remains a major issue as before. We have seen that the tree plantation drives in Pakistan have historically shown low environmental impact due to absence of follow up and monitoring system. Green Log is a smart solution to save precious money, time and effort employed in their mass tree plantations.

Green Log is a role based mobile tree plantation application to record plant information with an elaborate metadata, including complete plant life cycle, geo-tagging and post plantation maintenance and follow-up. The App comes with a dashboard showing the team composition and hierarchy, assigned vs planted flora, weekly and monthly reporting, mortality data and time series etc. Green Log is especially helpful for mass plantation campaigns carried out by large teams and maintains crowdsourced data and inventory of planted trees.

Use Cases

Forest Departments

The forest departments of four provinces run regular campaigns to increase the green cover and natural capital of the country. Nowadays, city governments and other departments are also running tree plantation campaigns as part of Government’s Clean & Pakistan initiative. can get customized and added features in the App upon request. This state of the art solution to accurately measure existing and new urban forest cover and greenspaces, increase the economic and environmental value of green infrastructure, monitor the progress of green cover in real time, track post plantation maintenance and follow-up activities and make evidence based afforestation and carbon management policies in Pakistan.

Industrial Sector

Industries use a lot of natural capital and leave many negative impacts on the environment and communities. They are legally and ethically bound to offset these impacts and return some of their profits to the community and the environment as part of their corporate social responsibility. Moreover, they are being pushed to reduce their carbon footprint in the face of climate change risks, by implementing carbon capture and sequestration technologies and running tree plantation campaigns. Green Log App is a technology solution for industries to get maximum ROI for their investments on tree plantations and ensure their sustainability as a co-benefit.

Corporate Sector

Corporate sector can increase and report the impact of their green actions and carbon emissions reduction through tree plantation campaigns with the help of Green Log App. This helps them collect real time verifiable data which they can present to their stakeholders through corporate media and communications. In this way, the companies can promote their corporate image as environmentally responsible organization and increase their brand value to fetch environmentally concerned clients from the national and international markets.

Development Agencies

Bilateral and international development agencies spend billions of dollars on carbon reduction and sequestration technologies and programs in member countries. The App provides a customized platform to development agencies to monitor the impact of mass plantations and carbon management programs and activities in real time through this innovative digital tool. They can optimize the value for money spent on afforestation campaigns in countries like Pakistan where corruption and other governance challenges snub the global efforts to reduce carbon emissions through mass tree plantations.