Apna Tracker
(Asset Management and Maintenance)

Monitoring and managing moveable and mobile resources such as vehicles, fuel and workforce have been a major concern for businesses and government utilities who have to conduct door to door operations in large geographies and mobilize their workforce with fleets of vehicles quickly and simultaneously. Technology comes to rescue the dilemmas of asset managers.

Apna Tracker is our smart technological solution that comes with IOT based on-board sensors and real time gadgetry that pinpoints leakages, shows past trends and comparisons along with tangible insights into the data. It has artificially intelligent deep learning tools and robust neurial network that feeds off the real time data make it smarter as it goes. Data visualization is provided through intuitive manager facing dashboard.

Use Cases


Most of the large manufacturing industries require an elaborate system of vehicle movement including trailers, trucks and vans etc. for supply of raw materials and delivery of products from far off locations. The safety of the drivers, vehicles and goods is of crucial importance. The solution helps decrease costs by providing real time information such as trips and stop logs, over speeding vehicles, GPS-based passenger tracking and automated alerts to enhance the safety of passengers and employees.

Utilities and Services

The government departments especially utilities manage huge fleets of vehicles and other assets for service delivery and personnel movement. The culture of corruption and negligence is rampant in many countries like Pakistan incurring huge losses in terms of fuel theft and poor maintenance of vehicles. We provide customized solution catering the needs of urban utilities as per their capacity and cultural considerations. The management GPS-based tracking system provides the ability to monitor and track the delivery of goods and quality of services provided and save costs required for human supervision.


In retail businesses such as food and beverage, the delivery of goods and services at doorstep adds value and competitive edge. The incidents of fuel theft, accidents and loss of time by the drivers are some of the common issues, which increase the cost of operations. The tracker helps owners efficiently manage the fleet of vehicles and monitor drivers’ activities to prevent their misuse. Apna Tracker provides location coordinates, distance traveled, speed and time. Fuel sensor tells the owner about any raising or lowering in the fuel level and gets fuel theft alerts. The owner can see the time, specific stops, arrivals and departures at a specific facility, even an individual trip summary on his dashboard and can compare with the historical data on the real-time basis.


The passenger and goods transport sector huge vehicles as well. The movement of hazardous materials such as oil and liquid gas has an additional factor of safety of the personnel and the communities. Our technology solution enables the managers track the movement of each vehicle in real time from web and smartphones. They can get information on key parameters through intelligent dashboard. In today’s highly interconnected societies, this is highly valuable service to manage operations even across the national borders and regions.