Amal for Life App

This is an easy to use one-stop environmental solution to achieve the objective of Zero Waste Pakistan. It facilitates the executive management of organizations to achieve sustainability, promote and incentivize zero waste corporate culture and become Green in their operations. Additional benefits include a market place for underprivileged women, free tree plantation management, free recycling services, Green Partners’ Network and much more.

The technology operationalizes recycling and waste reduction as key aspects of circular economy, leading to sustainable development. It channelizes the efforts of industry, academia and other stakeholders, which they can share with their network to promote optimal use of resources and achieve sustainability and cost savings.

Use Cases

Development Organizations

Generating the maximum impact of development investment through community engagement is of high importance for development agencies and development programs. The App engages the community through its revolutionary Green Partners’ Network, which is a digital platform for trading Green Credits earned through performing environmental actions. The smart dashboard of App gives live picture of the impact of funding with its latest data analytics and visualization features and helps them get real time updates.

Green Banking

The commercial banks can manage and dispose their waste in an environmentally responsible, legally safe and cost effective manner by promoting Amal for Life App in their corporate offices and employees. Through this App, the commercial banks can calculate their net environmental footprint on selected KPIs, track and manage their carbon footprint and report their green actions and resource management practices and develop their corporate image among the clients and regulators as Green Banks.

Green Offices

The private sector and business community interested in becoming carbon neutral are implementing the concept of Green Offices. The GOs adhere to the principles of responsible production and consumption of resources and ethical disposal of waste and shows commitment to environmental actions including paperless operations, plantation of trees, use of renewable energy resources and process automation. Amal for Life help them monitor and track their environmental actions such as ethical disposal of their waste streams.

Green Schools

The young generation will face most of the brunt of unsustainable action of the present generation in future. The Amal for Life app has a practical usage in schools to promote environmental action at a very early age and educate the young generation to adopt environmentally responsible lifestyles. The school management can encourage their student and teacher community to use the App and in turn make their premises clean at almost zero cost. The school management has to introduce at-source segregation of waste produced in the school premises by installing 2-bin system and get waste management services at minimal cost and zero hassle.