MyWaste App

Waste management has become a major sustainability issue for cities, organizations and households. The corporate sector is under additional pressure due to legal and social pressures as the consumers and the general public are getting ever more environmentally sensitized. Organizations and common people are unable to figure out where to start.

Wastes are of two types, dry and wet wastes and both these types have become a menace for large cities and companies mainly because of lack of sufficient funds, expertise and technologies and the absence of at-source segregation of dry and wet waste for its ethical disposal.

Cities and companies around the world are taking the help of technology to outsmart the challenge of waste management. DrTech has been a pioneer in developing a technological solution for this purpose. MyWaste App is the state of the art technological solution that helps organizations and government utilities track the amount of waste produced and ethically dispose their dry waste and wet.

Use Cases

Planning Departments & Utilities

The government’s planning departments are at a loss to get accurate data, develop policies, manage resources employed on waste management exercise and install efficient system leading to sanitary disposal. MyWaste App provides data collection, visualization and analytics through dashboards, helps in planning and policy making and manage resources employed for their services. More recently, some modern housing societies have implemented stricter regulations on construction activities to which the land developers have to comply with. The App can facilitate the service utilities to manage the construction waste by connecting different nodes of its lifecycle. It can also help the regulating bodies monitor the compliance status of the construction operation.


Manufacturing industry and retail outlets produce a lot of waste, which is toxic in many case and require proper disposal. Some industries use the waste as raw material such as paper and pulp, agriculture and livestock, packaging etc. The retail end of the supply chain produces and consumes a lot of waste also especially large shopping malls. Similarly, the construction and demolition activities produce a lot of waste that cause air pollution and other environmental issues. Some of the construction material is reused while the rest is dumped in open areas in the city peripheries. Our solution helps connect waste producers and consumers and generates a circular economy to reduce stress on the environment and generate economic dividend for the users.


Waste in Hospitals and healthcare facilities is hazardous and require proper treatment and disposal. It needs to be segregated at source, monitored and transported to safe disposal. At present, no such system is in place in Pakistan leading to health and environmental issues for the masses. MyWaste App helps track the hospital waste till its final destination at sanitary landfill site.

Households and Communities

Households and communities produce organic and non-organic material as waste, the disposal of which is a real issue in many cases. Most of the household waste remain uncollected and spread in the streets. Households and communities can become part of our waste collection network and get waste collection services at negligible cost. All they have to do is introduce 2-bin system and pre-segregate their dry and wet waste streams and get the waste collection and management services provided by our partners by using the App.